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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Project Excell

One of the fun things that we have had the opportunity to participate in this year has been Project Excell which is a grant-funded after-school program.
Students in third through fifth grades participate in an after school program three days a week.
Participants receive help with their homework, snacks, reading activities, and other activities.
This month, we were at CIAA and were able to help the students make chex mix and caramel apples. They loved being able to add their ingedients to the recipe! They really enjoyed dipping their apples in caramel but their favorite part was eating them!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Laura Dawson said...

I am so proud of this project, I haven't been able to come and help yet, but I am so glad to see you guys inside the schools helping....it is a step that needed to be taken! Keep up the great work and call me if I can help with anything! Laura Dawson

Hard at work!

Hard at work!