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Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Luncheon

Junior Auxiliary held its annual "May Luncheon" this past Sunday, April 26 at the home of Noel Howe. May Luncheon, held every year in May (this year in April due to scheduling conflicts) gives members the opportunity to pay tribute to a successful year and honor its outgoing Life/Associate members and provisionals. It is a time when we, the ladies of Junior Auxiliary, can look back at a job well done and honor our ladies who have over excelled in their duties and expectations as JA members. Job well done!

"Member of the Year"- Megan Tatlock"
"Unsung Hero" - Emily Simpson
"Provisional of the Year" - Noel Howe
Outgoing Members:
Cindy Clifton
Heather Comer
Rosemary Jacobs
Kacee McCalla
Kendra Parr
Cyndi Timbs
Kim Whitmer

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Hard at work!

Hard at work!