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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picnics and Parties Cookbook

We are very excited to say that we are going to reprint a third edition of Picnics and Parties. This cookbook has been very popular and after many requests, the finance committee has finally decided to go for it.

This is a classic menu style cookbook. It is unique because it is grouped together by events with complete menu suggesions for the event. It is like having a party planner at your fingertips...beginning, middle, and end are all provided for your special occasion. Also scattered throughtout the book are helpful hints and miscellaneous recipes.

Here is an example:
The Table of Contents includes:
Special Occasions

But under Special Occasions, it gives you complete menus for each of the following events:
Mardi Gras Dinner
Bridesmaid Luncheon
Bridal Luncheon
Summer Luncheon Menu
Fourth of July BBQ
An Anniversary Dinner
Dinner for the "Boss"
Christmas Tea
Christmas Breakfast
Christmas Brunch for Everyone
A Christening Brunch
Sunday Luncheon
Sunday Night Supper

Under Fourth of July BBQ, it gives the recipe for the following items:
BBQ Pork Shoulder
Potato Salad
Saucy Baked Beans
Cold Slaw
Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

We are going to update the first few pages and the back page in the book and keep the rest in tact to honor the life members that created it.

Cookbooks will pre-sell for $20.00 each.

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