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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BBQ Festival Pageant

Junior Auxiliary held its annual BBQ Fest Pageant on Saturday, October 3. The pageant was a huge success and we would like to thank all of our young ladies who paritcipated this year. We hope to see you again next year!
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2009 BBQ Festival Pageant Winners

Tiny Miss- 3 contestants
Prettiest Hair- Charleigh Iannaco
Prettiest Eyes- Sarah Taylor
Best Model- Savannah Wallace
2nd Maid-Sarah Taylor
1st Maid- Savannah Wallace
Queen-Charliegh Iannaco

Petite Miss- 8 contestants
Prettiest Hair- Kinlee Carver
Prettiest Eyes- Maci Cole Mize
Best Model- Sariyah Anderson
3rd Maid- Adin Shelton
2nd Maid-Jacqueline Friedrich
1st Maid-Sariyah Anderson
Queen-Maci Cole Mize

Little Miss- 9 contestants
Prettiest Hair- Raelyn Davidson
Prettiest Eyes- Makenzie Craig
Best Model- Kylee Reburn
3rd Maid- Julia Merkle
2nd Maid-Raelyn Davidson
1st Maid- Christyn Sanders
Queen-Makenzie Craig

Junior Miss- 3 contestants
2nd Maid- Rylee Carver
1st Maid- Carley Mills
Queen- Mikayla Wallace

Teen Miss- 3 contestants
2nd Maid- Madison Lane
1st Maid- Ambria Platzke
Queen- Veronica Butler

Miss- 4 contestants
3rd Maid- Kaitlynne Nabors
2nd Maid- Lauren Mann
1st Maid- Lacy Barnett
Queen- Hannah Lovelace

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